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KCMUCo IPH is one of the leading Institutions in East and Central Africa offering you a wide range of courses and programs that suit your career needs, affordably and easily fixed to your busy timetable from renowned Tutors around the world. The Institute offers a exquisite environment and abundant resources ensuring you highest support in attaining your professional goals.

To provide MPH level training  to physicians (e.g .RMOs, DMOs), senior nurses, and allied health professionals in Tanzania and other countries, to enable them to implement action-orientated intervention programs, particularly in disease control.

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Dr. Innocent Mboya

Prof. Sia Msuya

Dr. James Ngocho


The Institute of Public Health ensures healthy communities through the training of health professionals who have the skills and capacity to identify and address public health issues using sound methods and scientific evidence as well as to empower communities through strong public/ community engagement in aspects of health promotion and preventive activities. 

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To develop next generation of health practitioners and managers who value the community and public health perspective of health and have a holistic approach to health.

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Promoting research uptake into public policy and practice through innovative knowledge management platforms and collaborations.

To develop next generation of academics who are highly trained in planning and executing sound research, and who can become leaders in communities and health provision.