Epidemiology & Applied Biostatistics

Master’s in Public Health (MPH)

To encourage   a multi-disciplinary approach to the problems of public health and to train professionals who will be better able to cope with the continuing process of change and who will act as leaders in initiating and developing these changes.

To provide MPH level training  to physicians (e.g .RMOs, DMOs), senior nurses, and allied health professionals in Tanzania and other countries, to enable them to implement action-orientated intervention programs, particularly in disease control.


  • To enable students to acquire basic skills over the wide range of disciplines in public health, to appreciate the contributions made by the different disciplines, and to develop the ability to work with multidisciplinary teams.
  • To equip students with management skills to enable them to cope with change and to act as leaders for this change.
  • To develop an understanding of factors affecting health, delivery of health care, and formation of health policy.
  • To enable students  to carry out a critical evaluation of published material and to develop the ability to interpret and apply this information in the context of public health practice.
  • To enable students to carry out  a critical  evaluation of published material and to develop the ability to interpret and apply this information in the context of public health practice.

 Curriculum overview.

The curriculum at KCMU College contains three sections:

  • Course work (modules)
  • Research project preparation
  • Dissertation write up

The course is composed of 15 modules with a total of 48 credits. The modules are grouped into three clusters of related topics. Two modules “Refugee health and disaster management” will run concurrently with “Disability and occupational health” as optional modules

 Methods of instruction: 

All modules will be taught using a set of methods such as lectures, seminars/tutorials, group work, and case studies.

During the overall one-year program, there will be 30 weeks of teaching and project preparation and 15 weeks for data collection, data analysis, and dissertation write-up.

The project and dissertation will be devised and undertaken on an individual basis, to fit in with ongoing programs of research in KCMUCo and the surrounding communities or in line with the priorities of the students’ working environment.

Degree award

A  candidate who fulfills the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Public Health (MPH) of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College.

All interested candidates are encouraged to view application requirements and start their applications as soon as the application window is open.